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Are you tired of
searching for content creators or partnering with the wrong influencers?

Automate your UGC production
and find the most suitable influencer based on real data


Struggling to find brands to collaborate?

Focus just on the
Download our “Uplodio Creator” app (coming soon) to match with brands that fit your style.

How it works for the agencies!

It is now easier than
ever to produce content for the TikTok/Instagram ads of your customers

Hustle free content production
-No production team
-No studio

Do you already have a database of influencers?
Contact us to help you
find the best influencer for each specific campaign


Create the campaing & tasks


Write video script and pick creator criteria


Vetted creators apply to your tasks/ our AI recommends the most suitable influencers


Ship the product


Receive content to skyrocket  your ads

Features For The Agencies

Authentic UGC

Gain access to a diverse pool of content creators who produce genuine and engaging user-generated content, ensuring that your marketing campaigns resonate with real audiences and create authentic brand experiences.

Intelligent Influencer Matching

Harness the power of AI to identify the ideal influencer for the specific campaign you want to skyrocket.

Hustle-free video creation

Save time and resources by partnering with video creators who streamline the video production process, handling everything around the execution, leaving you free to focus on your marketing strategy and campaign performance. 

Features For The Creators

Showcase your talent

Display your creative abilities and unique style to a wide range of digital marketing agencies, providing opportunities to be recognized for your talent and to participate in exciting campaigns that match your expertise.

Earn money and become a full-time creator

Turn your passion into a sustainable career by accessing paid opportunities from reputable agencies, helping you take the leap from part-time creator to full-time professional while doing what you love.

Browse a variety of tasks that suit your style

Explore a diverse array of tasks and projects from different agencies, enabling you to choose assignments that resonate with your creative preferences and interests, ultimately fostering your growth as a content creator.

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